Eanes Education Foundation (EEF) seeks current and endowed financial support from the community and corporate donors to provide and sustain district-wide opportunities for educational excellence within Eanes ISD.

Since 2004, EEF has granted over $16.5 million to fund more than 320 teachers.

Approximately 63% of Eanes property tax dollars never make it to our classrooms because they are recaptured by the state to fund other districts.

With 85% of the district’s budget dedicated to personnel, the difference is our teachers. By funding vital teacher and staff positions, EEF bridges the gap that would exist without these teachers.

EEF is the only organization that can fund additional teacher and staff positions for our district.

100% of your EEF donations stay in the district. 

The largest portion of EEF’s grant each year funds teacher and staff positions. Your generous donations have funded over 320 teacher positions since 2004, including 50 positions that are currently funded by EEF for the 2017-18 school year.

A smaller portion of EEF’s yearly grant provides tuition assistance to Eanes ISD teachers who are earning their master’s degrees through the Partnership for Teacher Excellence Program (PTEP).

Several major donors have directed their EEF gifts to this specific program to recruit, develop and retain excellent teachers in our district.

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