Eanes Endowment

A non-profit organization established to provide long-term financial sustainability for Eanes ISD. The Endowment offers a far-reaching solution for achieving our ultimate goal of preserving educational excellence for all Eanes ISD schools.

Our Challenge

Current school funding issues offer a challenge to the tradition of excellence of Eanes ISD. An ever-increasing percentage of our property tax dollars, formerly designated for our schools, now leaves the community to be redistributed to less wealthy school districts across the state. Without additional funding from our community, Eanes ISD would be unable to maintain the quality of education that we have come to expect for our children.

Since 1992, EEF has raised


to fund more than 631 teacher and staff positions NOT funded by the State.

This annual grant is presented to the district in June. On July 1, EEF’s fiscal calendar resets, and with the balance back at zero, EEF begins raising money to fund vital teacher and staff positions for the next school year.

Without ongoing adequate funding, our standard of Eanes excellence is in jeopardy.

Our Solution

The Eanes Endowment was established to provide a vehicle for sustaining gifts which would support the Endowment’s mission of supporting Eanes Education Foundation for the long term.

Ways to Give

Gifts to the Endowment can be made in accordance with the Endowment Gift Acceptance Policy. Gifts may be the following:
  • Gifts of Cash
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Pledges
  • Gifts “in-kind” (retained for Endowment use)
  • Gifts of Real Estate and Other Property
  • Gifts of other Personal Property
  • Life Insurance
  • Bequests
  • Corporate Matching Gifts
  • Gifts of Foreign Assets
  • Anonymous Gifts
Or give today by making an online donation:

Other Ways to Give

Select from one of the options below.

Establish a Fund

The Endowment recognizes that donors have varied motivations for establishing named funds to honor or memorialize an individual or family, or to support a specific academic purpose or program that has been identified within the school district.

Named funds may be restricted or unrestricted, depending on the level of gift:

  • Named Unrestricted Fund: $25,000 or more
  • Named and Restricted Fund: $100,000 or more
  • Named and Restricted Endowed Position: $1,500,000 or more

As with all named funds, the Endowment Board of Directors must approve the creation of the fund. (Tribute and memorial funds also require prior consent of the honoree or of the family of the honoree before naming the fund.)

Special Education Endowment Fund

The SEE Fund will enrich the educational experience for all students and teachers, addressing critical areas identified through discussions with parents and Eanes ISD, including:

  • Recognizing and supporting Special Education educators and teaching assistants
  • Professional development and training for educators
  • Teacher recruitment and support for mentoring programs
  • Inclusive extracurricular programs

Eanes ISD parents Christine and Trevor Curry generously established the SEE Fund through the Eanes Endowment. As a part of the Eanes Endowment, this restricted fund works to elevate the quality of special education within Eanes ISD.

For more information regarding how you can establish your gift to the Endowment, please contact Dana Meserole DeLorenzo, Executive Director, at (512) 845-2305 or