Independence Title

2016-17 Teacher Fund Campaign, generously underwritten by Independence Title Company


50 TEACHERS FOR 2017. Every dollar counts. Every donor matters.

Approximately 56% of Eanes property tax dollars never make it to our classrooms because they are recaptured by the state to fund other districts.

With 85% of the district’s budget dedicated to personnel, the difference is our teachers. By funding vital teacher and staff positions, EEF bridges the gap that would exist without these teachers.

EEF is the only organization that can fund additional teacher and staff positions for our district. 100% of your EEF donations stay in the district. 

The Teacher Fund Campaign is EEF's annual fund drive that culminates on ``Donation Day,`` a fun day of giving, with pep rallies on every campus!

$1,305 is the difference of GAP between an adequate (state-funded) education and an excellent Eanes education for each student.

There are several ways for families and businesses to support the Teacher Fund. To learn more about our Leadership Society and programs for businesses, contact EEF Development Director, Cathy Hoover, at (512) 732-9065.