Calling all Grandmas, Grandpas, Nonnas, Papaws, Nanas, Papas, Grammies and Grampys!

Celebrate the joy of being a grandparent by joining this special group of Eanes Education Foundation (EEF) Supporters. Make a gift to EEF both honor your grandchildren and show them what it means to help others. In addition, your gift helps ensure that your grandchildren have continued access to educational excellence in Eanes Independent School District.

Every dollar counts. Every donor matters.

How it Works

A shared commitment to educational excellence spans generations in Westlake/Eanes ISD. For the benefit of your grandchildren and other students, we ask you to join us and make a tax-deductible gift to the Eanes Education Foundation through this year’s Grandparents Club.

Individual Grandparents’ Club gifts will be combined with other donors at your grandchildren’s school (or Schools) for greater impact of giving during the current Teacher Fund Campaign.

All Grandparents’ gifts will be counted towards the participation rate and total giving rate for in-school contests as well as district wide contests.