Purchase a Golden Paddle raffle ticket to be entered into a drawing to win The Golden Paddle!


The winner of the Golden Paddle will have a credit of $10,000 that can be used to bid on ANY Live Auction package at the Gala! Use the credit to win the item outright, if you are lucky, OR use the credit in addition to your own bid to win something even more fabulous than you planned…funding teachers along the way!

IF the winner of the Golden Paddle is outbid on all of the Live Auction packages, the winner may use the Golden Paddle to purchase ONE Premiere Silent Auction item. This may ONLY be done after the Live Auction has ended. The Golden Paddle has no actual cash value, so there will be no money given for any unused portion of the $10,000 credit.

The drawing will take place at the Gala on February 24, 2018.  Raffle tickets can be purchased beginning February 12th and will be available at the Gala prior to the start of dinner. The winner will be drawn after dinner and will receive their Golden Paddle right before the Live Auction begins! Winner does not have to be present at the Gala to win, however, they must be available via telephone at the designated time on the evening of February 24, 2018.

Purchase your Golden Paddle raffle ticket NOW for only $100.00
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Tax Deductibility, as allowed by limit of law, is based off cost of ticket(s).


Once a Live Auction package has been won using the Golden Paddle, the paddle may no longer be used to bid, even if the full $10,000 credit was not used to win the package. So use your money magic wisely and for all it’s worth!